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Subject: Proposal for improved table accessibility


as discussed in the DITA TC on Mar 26, the DocBook Publishers SC has been working to improve table accessibility as part of the DocBook Publishers schema v1.1. As such, the DocBook TC has also agreed to adopt these improvements for DocBook v5.1. This work may help to inform the DITA TC on a possible approach to improve table accessibility.

Nathalie Sequeira has graciously provided an informative document to explain the approach and provides example usage.

It would be nice to try to get these changes adopted into CALS officially too.

Attachment: docbook5.1b8_tables_rev.pdf
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Thanks and best regards,

Scott Hudson   |   PELCO  by Schneider Electric   |   United States  |   Standards Lead 
 +1 970 282 1952  |  Fax: +1 970 282 1950 | Email: scott.hudson@schneider-electric.com
 |   Site: pdn.pelco.com

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