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dita message

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Subject: DITA translation issues? Why not attend XLIFF Symposium London?

For years the XLIFF Symposiums have shown a strong track record for highlighting XLIFF's relationship to other standards.

With the translation issues related to DITA high on the list of implementors' concerns, the XLIFF Symposium is a good opportunity tap in to the emerging DITA-XLIFF developments. DITA-XLIFF always gets a lot of "air-time" at the XLIFF Symposiums - and this year there will be an entire panel discussion on XLIFF and CMS (which will no doubt feature DITA prominently).

Please join us on London, June 11-12. http://www.localizationworld.com/lwlon2013/feisgiltt/

The XLIFF Symposium will coincide with LocWorld http://www.localizationworld.com/lwlon2013/about.php

Feel free to ask David or me for more details.

I hope to see you there,

Bryan Schnabel

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