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Subject: Re: [dita] Proposal 13042: @objid Attribute

I agree that the attribute would not be useful to vendors of current CMS systems. However, there is another use-case. Earlier this year I completed a CMS migration project, from one vendor to another, where it would have been useful to have objid available on topic, map, image, and object. As it was, I ended up utilizing the xtrf attribute. Retaining source object IDs upon export was essential for preserving re-use during preconditioning--a "dictionary" substitution on references--for import to the target system. Having objid would help mitigate vendor lock-in by offering a point of inquiry for prospects during the CMS sales process.

While the CMS migration use-case may not be obscure, it certainly isn't commonplace. Therefore, it still makes sense to remove this proposal from 1.3. I simply wished to note the additional use-case for future consideration.


On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 4:56 AM, Eliot Kimber <ekimber@rsicms.com> wrote:
In reviewing this proposal and starting to write it up, I'm coming to the
opinion that the potential benefit does not justify the cost in 1.3. While
the value is clear, it seems unlikely that it will actually be used in the
short or medium term, since any existing CMS systems will have already
implemented some solution to the general requirement of capturing object IDs
in DITA XML and it's unlikely they'll change just because we provide a new

So I am proposing to withdraw this proposal.



Eliot Kimber
Senior Solutions Architect, RSI Content Solutions
"Bringing Strategy, Content, and Technology Together"
Main: 512.554.9368
Book: DITA For Practitioners, from XML Press,

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