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Subject: Proposal 13112: RelaxNG for Vocabulary

I have posted Stage 2 proposal 13112 to the OASIS Kavi. This is the
long-awaited proposal to use RelaxNG as an alternative to DTD and XSD.

The Stage 2 proposal explains RelaxNG generally and outlines the general
markup approach. The full formal coding requirements will be defined in the
Stage 3 proposal. I'm starting to work those out now as I gain more
experience using RelaxNG for creating new vocabulary.

We are making progress implementing a RelaxNG-to-DTD converter. You can
track progress on the dita-ng project: https://code.google.com/p/dita-ng/

Unless somebody wants it more, I fully intend to take on the task of
preparing the official RelaxNG versions of the DITA 1.3 vocabulary. George
Bina has done most of the work already by generating the current set of
RelaxNG files from the DITA 1.2 DTDs. I've been creating RelaxNG versions of
all of my 1.3 proposals and will be happy to do the same for any other
proposals that define new vocabulary. For the 1.2 vocabulary, the main job
will be making sure that all the filenames are consistent and correct and
adding the appropriate comments or documentation annotations.

We will of course have to carefully inspect and test the RelaxNG versions of
the 1.3 vocabulary, but since the declarations are largely generated I don't
anticipate any significant issues there. The value of having the RelaxNG as
the authoritative source for all vocabulary is so high that almost any
amount of work to get there would be worth it.



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