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Subject: amalgamated minutes Aug 2011 - Jun 2013


A number of TC members have indicated a need for a way to search collections of minutes. Since I create text versions of every set of minutes I write, and never throw anything away :-), I decided I was in the best position to produce amalgamated minutes.  (I just copied the relatively few sets of minutes I hadn't personally recorded from the OASIS document repository to my own collection, and then concatenated them all chronologically by year, beginning in Aug 2011, when I first took on the role of secretary.)    

I've placed the 3 files - minutes2011-q34.txt, minutes2012.txt, minutes2013-q12.txt - into the OASIS document repository.  The 'qnn' string indicates which quarters of the year are in the file; the 2012 file is the entire year. The minutes2011-q34.txt set actually starts in Aug. 2011, not July, since there don't seem to be any minutes for July in the repository.


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