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dita message

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Subject: Proposal 13120

Hi Folks

A couple of thoughts regarding proposal 13120.


1. Thought I heard today the deliverableAsDeliveredKeydefSet would be a topic?  If so, it is a metadata only topic.  Perhaps it should just be XML data.
2. The idea of synthesizing keys seems not nice.
Instead of using a synthesized keydef as your export - <keydef keys="topic-02_fig-01"
Use some XML with more clear semantics – something like:
<topicAddressMap topicKey="topic-02">
<addressMapEntry authorId="fig-01"  deliverableUri="http://moo.com/knowbase/webapp/U23"></addressMapEntry>
<addressMapEntry authorId="fig-02"  deliverableUri="http://moo.com/knowbase/webapp/U24"></addressMapEntry>

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