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Subject: 1.3 DTDs and Supporting Materials

I've updated SVN with my latest work (turns out I had only committed the
1.3 DTD shells, not the modules).

I went ahead and put together Open Toolkit plugins for all the 1.3
vocabulary and all the PDF and HTML processors I could put in place in the
time I had today, which includes support for the XML domain, MathML, and
SVG. There are placeholder plugins for machine industry and
troubleshooting, but I'll need help with specing out and implementing
those plugins. Likewise, there's nothing special at the moment for the
learning2 domain. Some of the new processing will be in the 2.0 OT so I
didn't want to do too much. When I have more time I'll start testing
everything in the context of the 2.0 OT.

I have posted three Zip packages to Kavi: one for the doctype source as it
is in SVN, one for the Open Toolkit plugins ready to be deployed to any
Toolkit, and one with my test documents.

Using the plugins I was able to generate PDF from the test document
technicalContent/technicalContent-map.001.dtd.ditamap from the test
document package. It includes working tests for MathML and SVG, both
inline and direct URL reference (I still need to implement keyref
resolution for mathmlref and svgref).

My setup for the test documents is to have one main test document for each
different OASIS-provided shell. In some cases I need two, for example, to
test both a topic with an abstract and a topic with only a shortdesc. The
main purpose of these documents is to test the shells, and by extension,
the modules they integrate, rather than being unit tests for each
different element type (a separate set of test documents that Scott Hudson
has been working on).

But I've also been adding tests for new 1.3 elements to the topics, mostly
to the technicalContent/concept-abstract.001.dtd.dita document, just to
provide minimal validation of the new stuff as I've had time or need to
add the tests. 

If you want to contribute additional test cases, the source for the docs
is in SVN in 	doctypes/test/1.3/basedocs/valid/ -- feel free to update
those docs and commit to SVN or, if it's easier for you, just send me test
cases and I'll integrate them.

Note that I have both a valid and invalid set. The valid set must be
valid. The invalid set is intended to verify that the schemas in fact
correctly invalidate invalid docs. I haven't put much into those, mostly
just added docs that were invalid when I was trying to create valid tests.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

As I said on the call today, I have a deadline of next Tuesday to get the
XSD generation and validation working.



Eliot Kimber, Owner
Contrext, LLC

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