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dita message

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Subject: action items from TC meeting 18 March 2014

[minutes to follow]

Action Items:
1. Eliot will deliver package of 1.3 RNG/DTD/XSD grammar files to KAVI so TC members can all see them.
2. Kris & Robert will review results from Review #1 and make plans for Review #2.
3. [re: Errors in learning and training DTD / spec modules] 
  a. Robert will log errors in Trello as errata for 1.2
  b. Eliot will check 1.3 grammar work to make sure that specialization bases are correct.
4. [re: Question about default for @format when linking to file.htm] Robert will resolve issue in spec such that it will use the language 'SHOULD' in discussing whether processors should treat 'htm' and 'html' as identical in the absence of a @format specification.
5. [re: Question about what it means when @format conflicts with actual format] Robert will update 1.3 spec so that if a processor detects a mismatch, it is an error, it SHOULD be reported as an error, and a processor MAY recover gracefully.

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