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Subject: Re: [dita] XSD Generation Status: 31 March 2014

Update: URL-based XSD generation complete.

The generation of URL-based XSDs is complete. I've committed the generated
XSDs to SVN.

The URN-based XSDs aren't quite right yet--it's just a matter of sorting
out the URN details--everything else is the same as for URL-based DTDs and
I'll be able to work on that later this week.

The only real issue at this moment is the XSD for SVG--there is no
official or unofficial XSD for SVG available. I tried using one generated
by Trang but not surprisingly it wasn't good. For now I've defined the SVG
XSD to simply accept any element type or attribute within the svg:svg
element, which allows things to validate and may be sufficient going
forward, I don't know--depends on whether it's actually useful or
appropriate to validate the SVG markup. But in any case I do not have time
at the moment to sort out true working SVG XSD and my motivation to do so
is understandably low given that the SVG working group didn't see fit to
do it. If anyone cares enough about this this want to work on an SVG XSD,
let me know.


Eliot Kimber, Owner
Contrext, LLC

On 3/31/14, 1:09 PM, "Eliot Kimber" <ekimber@contrext.com> wrote:

>I seem to be getting close to 100% complete on the XSD generation. The
>only remaining item that I know of at this point is support for foreign
>I've committed to SVN the current URN- and URL-based XSDs along with their
>catalogs. These validate all my test docs that don't use shells that
>include the SVG and MathML domains, which means all the map types, base
>topic, and the learning topic types.
>I will try to resolve the foreign domain issue before Tuesday's meeting
>but I may not have time due to other immediate priorities.
>Eliot Kimber, Owner
>Contrext, LLC
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