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dita message

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Subject: XSD Generation Status: 26 June 2014

The current status is:

- ditabase.xsd is not yet generated correctly for 1.2 and 1.3. This is
special-case processing that just needs to be worked out. Shouldn't be
hard, I just need to focus on it.

- All other 1.2 XSDs appear to be valid. There are some catalog generation
details that I need to work out with Eric Sirois but the catalogs
currently generated for the URN-based XSDs appear to be correct.

- For 1.3, there are issues with the L&T learningAssessment,
learningGroupMap, and learningObjectMap XSDs. All other XSDs appear to be

Having thought more about the issues with constrainable content models and
getting more information from Eric to help me understand the technical XSD
details, I think that automating the generation of constrainable content
models is beyond my abilities and available time so I'm going to abandon
that effort in favor of simply generating XSDs that work for the
TC-defined 1.3 vocabulary and shells. We can make the issue known to the
community and handle constraint requirements on a case-by-case basis or
continue to work on a more general solution as a post-1.3 activity. Or
just wait for general implementation of xs:override in common XSD
processors (it may already be in the latest Xerces and Saxon
implementations, I'm not sure) and look at redefining the XSDs to use
xs:override rather than xs:redefine.

I will continue to work on the XSD generation today and tomorrow and
hopefully resolve all the issues.



Eliot Kimber, Owner
Contrext, LLC

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