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Subject: Draft announcement to our customers about 1.3 webinar

Hi folks, here's a draft of the announcement I'm planning to send out to XMetaL customers about the 1.3 webinar. Feel free to plagiarize anything useful.


I hope I can get my announcement out in the next day or two.


I'm also planning to contact someone at SDL, Vasont, Astoria, and IXIASOFT suggesting that they might be interested in doing the same. I'm sure many of you can guess the someones I'll be pinging.







Subject: DITA 1.3 is coming!


Hi folks,


The next version of the OASIS DITA Specification -- DITA 1.3 -- is moving through the standards process and may become an approved standard as early as the end of 2014.


Here at JustSystems we are already working to add DITA 1.3 support in XMetaL Author Enterprise, and we'd like to have your input. What features do you think are important? How do you think the editor should support these features? If you don't know what's new in DITA 1.3, there's a great opportunity to learn coming up soon: The OASIS DITA Technical Committee is holding a public webinar on August 7th to introduce the new features of DITA 1.3.


Step 1: Sign up for the OASIS DITA 1.3 Technical Committee's upcoming webinar "Learn about the new features of DITA 1.3":



Step 2: Write to me at the address below. Tell me what features are important to you, and how you think they should be supported in your editing environment. I'll share all of your input directly with the R&D team.


Thank you very much, and we look forward to hearing from you!


Tom Magliery, tom.magliery@justsystems.com

XML Technology Specialist, JustSystems

Voting Member, OASIS DITA Technical Committee



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