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Subject: Re: [dita] Suggested TC position WRT XSD usage from DITA 1.3 onward -- Proposed wording

Hi Fredrik,

I agree with the link. The only question I have is procedural. Does the link need to be labeled as non-normative, or is that assumed for links?

Best regards,
XML Press
XML for Technical Communicators

On Aug 5, 2014, at 6:08 AM, Fredrik Geers <fgeers@sdl.com> wrote:

> Yes, looks good. This does not sound too negative when it comes to using
> XSD with DITA, which is good for XML editors that work with XSD only, like
> ours.
> Also, I would indeed be in favor of including the link to the RNG-to-XSD
> generator, since I do not think everyone reading the spec knows where to
> find that.
> Kind regards,
> Fredrik Geers | Product Owner SDL LiveContent Create/SDL Xopus | SDL |
> (t) +31 (0)20 201 0500 | (e) fgeers@sdl.com
> On 04/08/14 19:17, "Richard Hamilton" <hamilton@xmlpress.net> wrote:
>> Following up on an action from a couple of weeks ago, Don Day and I have
>> put together proposed wording for this position statement.
>> Here is our draft:
>> ========
>> If you want to create a specialization or constraint using the DITA XSD
>> schema, you need to use the XSD redefine facility. However, this facility
>> does not allow sequence groups to be directly constrained. Thus, to
>> support specialization and constraints, it may be necessary to refactor
>> content models into named groups that can be redefined. In order to keep
>> the XSD, RELAX NG, and DTD implementations as consistent as possible, the
>> DITA Technical Committee only refactored those content models that were
>> required for OASIS-provided schemas. These were the strict task body and
>> machinery industry task model. The other DITA content models distributed
>> by OASIS have not been refactored.
>> You MAY modify the OASIS-provided XSD module to refactor the content
>> model if required by your constraint. You can either modify the
>> OASIS-provided XSD module or extend the RELAX NG-to-XSD generation
>> process [link?] to add your special case. You SHOULD notify the DITA
>> Technical Committee of your constraint requirement so the TC can consider
>> adding the required refactoring to the OASIS-provided XSDs.
>> =========
>> Please look this over for technical accuracy and clarity.
>> Best regards,
>> Dick Hamilton
>> -------
>> XML Press
>> XML for Technical Communicators
>> http://xmlpress.net
>> hamilton@xmlpress.net
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