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Subject: How "baked" is the DTD generation tool?

(Mostly questions for Eliot)


We're considering bundling the DTD generation tool with the next major release of XMetaL (March 2015). The idea is that our customers who specialize DITA can use RNG (if desired) to create their specializations, and then (since XMetaL will still be using DTDs) we can auto-generate the necessary DTDs from that source. (Perhaps "embedding" would be a better term than "bundling", if we're aiming to hide this code from the user perspective.)


So our dev team is wondering about the status of this toolset.


- How "finished" is it, would you say?

- Are there any instructions? (The "how-to" in SVN is a stub.)

- Is there a public repository yet?

- Any anticipated timelines for these things?



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