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Subject: Re: [dita] How "baked" is the DTD generation tool?

The DTD generation is not 100% baked yet: there's still an issue with how
the L&T DTDs are being generated (or an issue with validating them with
specific versions of Xerces, I'm not sure which) and as you say the
documentation is not yet complete.

I also haven't had the bandwidth to make sure the scripts are appropriate
for use with shells other than the TC-provided ones--it's likely that
there are additional options or business logic needed to handle that case

I should have time to work on this stuff starting this weekend--I'm coming
off of vacation, a conference, and a week of fire fighting and hopefully
things are quieting down for a week or two anyway.

The public repository is the TC-managed SVN repository. It's publicly
available for read-only access and we have already determined that that
will be the official source.

I had started writing documentation on how to run things but it appears to
not be there in my local working copy.


Eliot Kimber, Owner
Contrext, LLC

On 8/11/14, 4:15 PM, "Tom Magliery" <tom.magliery@justsystems.com> wrote:

>(Mostly questions for Eliot)
>We're considering bundling the DTD generation tool with the next major
>release of XMetaL (March 2015). The idea is that our customers who
>specialize DITA can use RNG (if desired) to create their specializations,
>and then (since XMetaL will still be using DTDs) we can auto-generate the
>necessary DTDs from that source. (Perhaps "embedding" would be a better
>term than "bundling", if we're aiming to hide this code from the user
>So our dev team is wondering about the status of this toolset.
>- How "finished" is it, would you say?
>- Are there any instructions? (The "how-to" in SVN is a stub.)
>- Is there a public repository yet?
>- Any anticipated timelines for these things?

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