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Subject: Issues in DTDs checked into SVN


After Kris found the DTD issue with the (map mapgroup-d) token last week, I realized that the copy of DITA 1.2 checked in to SVN did not match the copy of DITA 1.2 shipped by OASIS. I did some comparison of the shipped DITA 1.2 and SVN 1.2, and found many inconsistencies. Everything I've listed below is also an issue for the DITA 1.3 DTDs. I found all of these issues by comparing 1.2 level DTDs - not comparing the RNGs - so this presumably mixes RNG issues with conversion tool issues, and also means that this testing did not cover anything new to 1.3.

1. All embedded files are missing public IDs. These have been present since 1.0, and in 1.2 we explicitly made all internal public IDs use version-specific values. This was done by TC request, and they should be added back.

2. Several entity declarations have been removed from the DTD. Some are unlikely to cause problems but all could potentially be referenced in specialized DTDs (I know of DTDs that reference the first one):
- %rel-atts in topic.mod: deprecated in 1.2 but left in for backwards compatibility
- %hazard.cnt used to set content models in hazard domain
- In the tblDecl.mod, unlikely to cause problems but for completeness:
-- Entity %bodyatt; removed from table attribute list - was empty, present as part of OASIS table model
-- Dropped entity %tbl.table.name; (value was "table") -- previously used to define the element name
-- Dropped entity %titles; (value was "title?") -- it was declared but unused in OASIS DITA 1.2

3. The error Kris found in the mapgroup domain token is still present in the glossref domain and learningMapDomain tokens (both claim to be based on topic).

4. The domain token for learningAssessment has changed - not sure if this is intentional - from "(topic learningBase+learningInteractionBase-d learningAssessment)" to "(topic learningAssessment)"

5. In ditabase.dtd, the declaration of <dita> has dropped several attributes. The following are present in DITA 1.2 but missing in DITA 1.3:
%arch-atts -- @ditaarch:DITAArchVersion, @xmlns:ditaarch,
%debug-atts -- @xtrc, @xtrc.
Related: in 1.3 we've added @translate and @dir to the existing @xml:lang -- I think these should be added using the common localization-atts group rather than declared independently?

6. The task domain entity (topic task) has been dropped from ditabase.dtd, task.dtd, and machineryTask.dtd

7. glossary.dtd is broken: it is supposed to redirect to glossentry.dtd but actually does nothing

8. The topic containment entities are broken in learningContent.dtd. The learningContent element previously allowed lots of children, currently 1.3 changed this to only allow <no-topic-nesting>:
1.2 as shipped: <!ENTITY % learningContent-info-types "((concept | task | reference | topic)*, (learningAssessment)?, (learningSummary)?)">
1.2 and 1.3 in SVN: <!ENTITY % learningContent-info-types

9. Related - the content model for <topic> inside the learningContent doctype has also changed, pretty sure this was not intentional. DITA 1.2 shipped with this declaration in learningContent.dtd:
<!ENTITY % topic-info-types "(no-topic-nesting)?">
The SVN copies do not declare this entity, and as a result the default is picked up, and <topic> now allows nesting of <topic>

10. The strictTaskbodyConstraint domain entity name is invalid. The name of the entity name has changed from "taskbody-constraints" to "strictTaskbody-constraints". This will break any user of the constraint, and also violates the spec (spec requires the entity use the literal element name). I believe this error was introduced recently, it was not in my copy of SVN until I updated on Friday.

11. The map.mod module drops the default empty declaration of included-domains (it is still in topic.mod).

12. Every element has its attribute entity (such as alt.attributes) declared twice. Strictly speaking this does not introduce errors but really needs to be fixed (it's confusing and looks bad).

13. Many of the DTD modules have bad headers (every ENT file I spot checked and several of the MOD files). The ENT files appear to grab their headers (including public ID info) from the equivalent MOD file.

Nit-picks that we would fix if creating these by hand:
- In topic.mod, the entities "info-types" and "topic-info-types" are each declared twice
- In machinery taskbody constraint, %prelreqs and %closereqs are each declared twice
- DITA 1.2 /1.3 in SVN has added an entity idElements; it's empty and unused, so not sure of the purpose

Robert D Anderson
IBM Authoring Tools Development
Chief Architect, DITA Open Toolkit (http://dita-ot.sourceforge.net/)

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