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Subject: Use of %tbl.table.name in tblDecl.mod

This is one of the issues Robert brought up. I can special case the
generation of this one element, but I'm wondering if I should.

It would not be valid per the DITA spec to change the table tag name: that
would constitute a disallowed change. The only way to have a table that is
a CALS table but whose tagname is not "table" would be via specialization.

So the %tbl.table.name parameter entity can only ever have the value
"table", which makes it pointless. It also means that nobody could have
ever changed it and had a valid DITA document.

Also, historically, support for specializations of CALS tables has been
weak or non-existent.

So it seems highly unlikely that anyone has actually ever set the
%tbl.table.name to anything other than "table".

In addition, it is not possible in either RNG or XSD to directly
parameterize the name of an element type: you would have to use XML
entities in the RNG or XSD file, and nobody would ever do that (because it
wouldn't be at all reliably supported by tools).

The declaration of <table> is the only place that a parameter entity is
used for an element type name.

I recommend that we remove it's use for DITA 1.3.



Eliot Kimber, Owner
Contrext, LLC

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