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Subject: Branch filtering: ditavalref as child of map

Eliot's raised an issue with branch filtering that isn't explicitly covered by examples today. The concept had seemed straightforward to me previously, until I started to consider relationship tables.

This question is explicitly about the use of multiple <ditavalref> elements in one branch, in order to create multiple copies of the map. When we give examples of this, we generally do so by explaining the meaning, and giving alternate much-more-verbose markup that accomplishes the same thing with multiple branches. That is, if a branch uses 3 <ditavalref> elements, you can get the same behavior if you create 3 copies of the branch, each one with a unique <ditavalref>.

That does not work for this case:
<ditavalref href=""> <ditavalref href=""> <!-- topicref elements -->
<!-- reltable elements -->

The <reltable> elements can only appear as a child of <map>, so we cannot give an equivalent example with groups. The only way to create an example of equivalent input would be to treat this as equivalent to map documents, each with its own ditaval.

I'm left thinking that is the correct approach, but I want to call it out here because we don't have samples of it in the current 1.3 language. I think this is the same thing as equating the following markup (which we also don't have in an example, but to me this is more obvious):
<mapref href=""> <ditavalref href=""> <ditavalref href=""> </mapref>

with this:
<mapref href=""> <ditavalref href=""> </mapref>
<mapref href=""> <ditavalref href=""> </mapref>

To view the current topic and comments, see this link:

Robert D Anderson
IBM Authoring Tools Development
Chief Architect, DITA Open Toolkit (http://www.dita-ot.org/)

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