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dita message

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Subject: Regrets for 3/17/2015

I'll be traveling this week and unable to call in.

I just realized that while I looked at the linking stuff last week, I
didn't actually make any comments. I think I made the intent of the
section clear and I do agree with the general desire to make it clearer,
remove any redundancies, and correct any errors of fact (for example, the
current statement about navref that Robert flagged as incorrect). At the
same time, since I wrote that stuff originally, I don't think I can be
appropriately objective about it, so I'm happy to let others try to rework
it and then I can react to that.

We'll obviously need another round of review once a new draft has been
prepared based on input from this review.


Eliot Kimber, Owner
Contrext, LLC

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