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Subject: More core concepts

Hi folks


Currently reviewing linking here.


I am trying to compress the subject of linking into some minimal concepts and a simple story.


Here are a few core concepts.  This assumes we know what “relationship” means – tho it might need defining too.


* resource – something that can be addressed like a map, topic, image file or fragment in a topic

* address – a URI that addresses a resource.

* link – some XML syntax, typically using an href or conref attribute that establishes a single direction relationship between the linking object and a linked to resource.  A link is not a hyperlink but may be manifested as such.

* relationship tables – establish relationships which may later be manifested as hyperlinks

* key – a way to set addresses in links thus changing the relationships those links establish

* taxonomy subject – a subject is established in DITA using a subjectdef.  A subjectdef link is used to establish an “isAbout” relationship between a topic and a subject.


When published into HTML or PDF relationships are often manifested as hyperlinks.


Hope this helps.




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