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Subject: Updates to Grammars Pending

I'm working on making all the XSDs work (modifying by hand) and correcting
various errors found in the RNGs and correcting some of the URNs (I hadn't
realized that the vocabulary added in 1.2 used a different convention for
the XSD URNs than the 1.1 modules). I do not intend to do any more
generation of XSDs for 1.3--all changes will be manual going forward. I'm
happy to be responsible for maintaining them for now.

As part of this work I'm normalizing the names of all the domain modules
from *DomainMod.* to *Domain.*, following the pattern set in DITA 1.2 by
various new domains. Since we've relaxed the naming rules to guidelines
there's no justification for slavish adherence to the naming
convention--consistency of the filenames seems to be more important and in
any case the name "*Domain.*" is sufficient to distinguish domain modules
from other types of modules and domains do not require both group and
module files in XSD, so adding "Mod" doesn't add anything to the names
(and it might make sense to update the naming conventions to reflect that

I'm working hard to validate everything as thoroughly as I can and make
sure that I haven't overlooked any details so that this can be the
(hopefully) last update of any size and can provide a solid basis for
people to start evaluating and testing.

I'm trying to get this done today but I don't want to rush it. I'll
announce when I've made the final commit to SVN and feel that everything
is ready to go.

Note that this work has so far had no effect on the DTDs which are, as far
as I know, correct and complete.

The only other outstanding issue is the header comments in all the files:
right now all the non-DTD files reflect the DTD-specific headers. I have a
plan to correct that, restoring the format-specific headers, but that will
take a bit of clock time as there's no easy way to automate it (or at
least automating it would take as long as just doing it and present its
own dangers). But since the headers don't affect processability I've put
that at a lower priority.



Eliot Kimber, Owner
Contrext, LLC

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