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dita message

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Subject: Grammar Updates

As I reported on today's TC call, I have committed updates to all the
grammars. My primary goal was to make the XSDs complete and correct but as
a side effect I found and fixed a number of other issues.

The specific changes I made include:

- Renamed *DomainMod.* to *Domain.* to make them consistent with the names
from 1.2 and 1.1. This makes all the names consistent and, I think, most

- Corrected the URNs for modules in the classification, learning, and
machinery packages. The URNs for these packages were different in 1.2 from
the 1.1 URNs (included "spec:{packagename}").

- Corrected issues in the XSDs that made them not work. All the XSD
validation tests pass for me.

- Removed all "(topic topic)" and "(map map)" @domains contributions per
earlier TC decision and in consultation with Robert Anderson (alternative
would have been to retain "(topic)" and "(map)" domains contributions,
which would probably confuse people more.

- Updated the build.xml script in the doctypes/test directory so that it
no longer regenerates the grammars, but simply copies the source grammars
to the target test directory. This reflects move from XSD and DTD
generation to hand maintenance for the remainder of the 1.3 development


Eliot Kimber, Owner
Contrext, LLC

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