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Subject: Work required to get a working draft of the spec out

Now that we have a new template from TC Admin, we can move ahead with producing a working draft (which is the first step in the OASIS process).

In order to produce a working draft, we'll need to decide the following:

Output formats
If we do what we did for 1.2, we'll have:
  • (Required) HTML on OASIS Web site (authoritative)
  • (Required) PDF
  • (Required) DITA in a ZIP
  • CHM in a ZIP
  • HTML optimized for local installation in a ZIP

We've talked about delivering the following:

  • Base
  • Technical content
  • Everything (need a better name)

Then we'll need to perform the following work

  • Update cover and notices topic to match the template that OASIS provided (work underway by Eberlein)
  • Update style sheets to match the new OASIS template, including footer information
  • Identify and correct glitches in current transformations. I'm currently aware of the following problems:
    • Numbering is off; it starts at 2 rather than 1
    • The styling of the link previews in the CHM is ugly; unnecessary big black line + no padding for box around link previews

We need a volunteer for the style sheet and transformation work ...


Kristen James Eberlein
Chair, OASIS DITA Technical Committee
Principal consultant, Eberlein Consulting
+1 919 682-2290; kriseberlein (skype)

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