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Subject: Re: [dita] @keyscope on <relcolspec>

I certainly never intended to have @keyscope on relcolspec. This is just a side-effect of the reuse of the parameter entity defining those attributes. I strongly support its removal from relcolspec.


Chris Nitchie

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From: Robert D Anderson
Date: Thursday, April 16, 2015 at 4:22 PM
Subject: [dita] @keyscope on <relcolspec>

While doing an exhaustive review of our new keyscope material with Kris, I realized that the keyscope attribute is available on <relcolspec> (it's part of the general group of topicref attributes that gets reused on relcolspec).

This came up because the current definition of what goes in a key scope covers child elements in the map, along with stuff referenced by those elements. Logically, I think a key scope on a relcolspec would have to cover all of the reltable cells and topicrefs from that single column of the reltable - but this isn't called out anywhere.

That said ... I have to wonder if we'd be better off removing @keyscope from this element? Doing so would somewhat complicate the grammar files (not sure how much). But, it would also simplify the definition of key scopes (because we would not have to add language for this case). It would also mean implementations do not have to worry about this case, which I'm thinking is extremely unlikely. If I try, I can come up with cases where somebody could conceivably try this - but I can't come up with a case where the pain of managing that sort of markup would be worth it.

So, I think the options are - update the spec to explicitly cover this edge case (@keyscope on relcolspec means XYZ), or my preferred option, remove @keyscope from relcolspec.


Robert D Anderson
IBM Authoring Tools Development
Chief Architect, DITA Open Toolkit (http://www.dita-ot.org/)

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