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Subject: Augmented Reality for tech communications: new OASIS TC

DITA TC members,
Yesterday, OASIS issued a Call for Participation in ARIP, a new TC that will define standards for using augmented reality in technical communications. We hope DITA TC members interested in AR will join ARIP Proposers, Huawei, Comtech, OGC, Perey Research, Rockley Group, and others, in this work.

The Augmented Reality for Information Products (ARIP) standards will apply to a broad range of areas including web pages help files, social media sites, software and hardware instructions, training programs, medical procedures, environmental regulations, functional specifications, etc.

The goal is to develop specifications, guidelines, and best practices to standardize key aspects of AR user experiences such as usability and graphic and interaction design. ARIP TC members will define standardized content models for authoring augmented reality experiences.

The first ARIP TC meeting will be held by teleconference on 22 May. Join by 16 May for voting rights at the first meeting.
Best regards,

ARIP Technical Committee
ARIP charter

Carol Geyer
Senior Director, OASIS

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