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Subject: Question from keys review: addressing non-topicref elements in a map


Topic (title as it appears in the review): "Using keys to address DITA elements"

Text in question, about the syntax for using keyref:
For references to non-topic elements within topics and non-topicref elements within maps, the value of the @keyref attribute is a key name, a slash ("/"), and the ID of the target element (for example, keyref="topic-key/some-element-id".)

Original comment thread:

My own additional commentary:
For elements within topics, we always have the #topic/element syntax for linking with @href. So it's clear to me that when a key name resolves to a topic, "key/element" means the XML element with id="element" inside that topic. It maps easily to the @href syntax of #[variable-topic]/element.

When referencing any element in a map (a topicref, a navtitle, a phrase inside link text), the syntax is file.ditamap#element or just #element. If we do in fact allow a key syntax of keyref="key/mapelement", I don't know how it resolves.

Robert D Anderson
IBM Authoring Tools Development
Chief Architect, DITA Open Toolkit (http://www.dita-ot.org/)

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