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Subject: Naming the big edition

Hi everyone,


It is time to make a final decision regarding what to call the edition of DITA 1.3 that will contain everything. As a reminder, we are aiming to produce three "editions" that are proper subsets of each other:


1. Base -- map and topic

2. Technical Content -- Base plus all the tech comm stuff

3. ___?___ -- Technical Content plus Learning & Training


If you care about this naming issue, speak up now for your favourite among the following names that have been suggested and/or casually used to date (sans kitchen sink references because we're being all serious now):


- All-inclusive

- Complete

- Comprehensive

- Full

- Omnibus


(If there was another suggestion that I missed, please drop it into the mix.)


Failure to vote will be construed as implicit support for what Nancy and I have both agreed is our own favourite: "All-inclusive". I.e., if nobody says anything, we're going to go ahead and keep the one that we are already using as a placeholder in our draft docs!



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