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Subject: Which stuff goes in what edition?

I think we are moving towards agreement with Chet at OASIS about how we can deliver three different DITA editions -- Base, Technical Content, and All-Inclusive. On the assumption that that will succeed, I've been working on diagrams for the main landing page and the three sub-landing pages, meant to convey (in the former case) the big picture and (in the latter) the big picture plus a sense of "you are here", i.e. what's in the specific edition you're currently looking at.


In one such diagram I (naively) split up the editions like this (via listing the subfolder names from the "doctypes" directory):


Base: base

Technical Content: base, bookmap, machineryIndustry, subjectScheme, technicalContent

All-Inclusive: all that plus learning


Kris noted that in DITA 1.2, subjectScheme was considered part of Base, but suggested that my rearrangement might be a better idea. But this is a question for the TC:  Which stuff goes into which edition?


For purpose of discussion I suggest the above.



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