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Subject: Re: [dita] Request for Feedback: DITA Adoption "Strengths" Analysis

and "DITA Open Source Standard" should be just "DITA Open Standard" (it's the toolkit that is Open Source, complementing the Open Standard).

On 8/18/2015 10:49 AM, Hudson, Scott wrote:
Just a few comments/changes:
* Minimalist, single source, reusable, cross-platform publishing approach for
structured content

* DITA Open Source Standard supported/hosted by OASIS

Thanks and best regards,

Scott Hudson
Senior Consultant
Comtech Services Inc.

On 8/18/15, 5:45 AM, "dita@lists.oasis-open.org on behalf of Dr. Stanley Doherty" <dita@lists.oasis-open.org on behalf of stan@modularwriting.com> wrote:

* Significant body of research from MIT, IBM et. al. over many years resulted in DITA
* Minimalist, single source, reusable, cross-platform publishing workflow for structured content
* DITA enforces structured authoring for consistency and quality
* DITA offers a topic-based, rather than a book-based approached to authoring, encouraging reuse of content among multiple deliverables
* Separation of structure, content and presentation
* DITA Open Source Standard adopted by OASIS
* Continued support to open source community from IBM - structure & tool- kit
* Multiple XML grammars are available -- RelaxNG, DTD, and Schema
* Multiple options for specialization are available -- structural, constraints, shells, and domain vocabularies
* The toolkit approach provides a very flexible model for building all kinds of documentation systems, integrating with other XML technologies, e.g. XLIFF, MathML & SVG, and enabling dynamic content publishing & DITA based Wikis, for instance
* DITA Maturity Model - start off simple, expand as needed
* Adopted by many corporations, many of which also support community
* DITA resources abound! Cf. Brenda's & Kristen's recent resource lists.
* Because it is XML-based, DITA is easy to localize thereby helping to reduce translation costs and promote translation efficiency
* OASIS TC work in support of translations/localisations & broader business content semantics, e.g. XLIFF
* Expansion into learning and training, & other industry specific initiatives
* Supported by open source tools, tool vendors & consultants
* Protection from vendor lock-in
* DITA has achieved a huge mind-share in TA/TC communities
* DITA can support sharing content across entire industries - or at least vertically, between customers-companies-subcontractors
* Builds upon the benefits of the SGML architecture
* DITA Open Toolkit provides a standard for how DITA must be processed and ensures exchange with other content creators
* DITA editors available today are powerful and usable
* DITA enforces a level of consistency at the topic markup and map assembly levels that promotes quality information architecture
* DITA domain vocabularies for specific fields of writing immerse writers in that genre, whether it be tech comm, API, learning and training and so on.

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Don R. Day
Founding Chair, OASIS DITA Technical Committee
LinkedIn: donrday   Twitter: @donrday
About.me: Don R. Day   Skype: don.r.day
"Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?"
--T.S. Eliot

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