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Subject: Statement of use: Contrext, LLC

Contrext, LLC has successfully used the DITA 1.3 Committee Specification
01, approved 21 August 2015, in accordance with section 4.1, "Conformance
of DITA implementations," and section 4.2, "Conformance of DITA documents"
of the all-inclusive edition. The specialization and constraint modules
that are used by the Contrext, LLC implementation include all DITA 1.3
features; they interoperate with multiple independent implementations.

DITA documents that are created by Contrext, LLC make particular use of
the following structures that were added to DITA 1.3:

* MathML domain
* SVG domain
* Learning2 domain
* XML domain
* Scoped keys
* Branch filtering

Eliot Kimber, Owner
Contrext, LLC

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