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Subject: Statement of use: DITA Community GitHub Organization

The open-source DITA Community GitHub Organization has successfully used
the DITA 1.3 Committee Specification 01 Part 3 (All Inclusive Edition),
approved 21 August 2015, in accordance with section 4.1, "Conformance of
DITA implementations," section 4.2, "Conformance of DITA documents", and
section 4.3, "Conformance of DITA processors". The DITA Community
dita13-dita-ot-1.x-support project, as deployed in DITA Open Toolkit
version 1.8.5, is a Fully aware [DITA] processor under the definition in
section 4.3; dita13-dita-ot-1.x-support interoperates with multiple
independent implementations.

Among others, dita13-dita-ot-1.x-support implements the following
structures and features added to DITA 1.3:

* New base vocabulary (<div>, etc.)
* MathML domain
* SVG domain
* XML and markup domains
* Troubleshooting topic type and support domains
* Equation domain
* Learning2 domain
* New highlight domain elements

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