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Subject: RNG and XSD Updated to Correct Subject Scheme URIs

Radu Coravu discovered that the URIs used for the subject scheme and
classify shells and modules did not match the 1.2 versions--they were
missing the "spec:classification:" component used in 1.2.

I've corrected the catalogs, references, and URIs defined in the RNG files
(from which the catalogs were originally generated) to match the 1.2

I also made all the URIs for all the different format versions of the
Subject Scheme shells and modules consistent so that they all include

This change would affect you only if you have an XSD shell for Subject
Scheme map that used the incorrect URI to point to the
subject-scheme-specific files.

No formats other than the XSD are affected and the only change to the RNG
is in metadata used for catalog generation.



Eliot Kimber, Owner
Contrext, LLC

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