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dita message

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Subject: Action Items from CITA TC meeting of Nov 3

are listed below:

1. Tom, Eliot, and Robert will resolve the question of how many elements are in each edition, for 'why 3 editions' document.
2. Jim Tivy will set up screen sharing for next 3-4 meetings, while Robert is out of town.  This entails sending out numbers, passwords, etc to TC members (use this mailing list), and giving the host info to another TC member for any of those meetings that he won't be present at.
3. Tom will wotk on OASIS voting campaign issues, e.g. figure out how many votes we need, send out first cut at spreadsheet.
4. Kris will draft initial cut at first email ('cover letter'?)  to OASIS voting members to start campaign for approval.

Nancy Harrison
Infobridge Solutions 

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