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dita message

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Subject: Spreadsheet update

Hi everyone,


I've updated the voting spreadsheet with our work from today's TC meeting.



Note to self: Always double-check source control for latest update before performing a significant change to a file. :-/


TIP: Use the "Filter" feature of Excel to find easily the folks you are assigned to.


NOTE: Email addresses of voters are in the spreadsheet!


- Every voter with a priority 1 or 2 now has one of us assigned to contact them.

- New column added for "Contact status" to signify the latest thing we know about our correspondence with this person. Some of these are "firstcontact" (by Kris). Kris, you could update a few of these to "replyreceived" or something if you wish.

- New column added for "HAVE THEY VOTED YET?" It's technically duplicate information from the "1.3" column that is intended to record their vote. But this one is a "working" column, not a "perpetuity" column.




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