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dita message

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Subject: Vote-gathering updates

Hi everybody,


I've had several reports from people who have contacted all of their assigned voters, including the new sign-ups from last week's TC meeting. I've updated the spreadsheet to reflect the current status (I think).


There are about 50-some entries now in the spreadsheet where some of us have not yet contacted a voter to whom we were assigned. With the opening of the vote so imminent, I will leave it to you whether you still want to contact your folks today or wait until the vote opens.


If you do send out contacts today, you may wish to alter slightly the wording in the message that refers to the timing of the upcoming vote and your promised "reminder" email.


In addition, there are still 37 people in the spreadsheet who have never even had a volunteer sign up to contact them. As lovely as that number is, it'd be great if anyone wants to step up and grab some of them.





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