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dita message

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Subject: Voting update and trivia

At the moment I'm writing this we are up to 32 Yes votes received, of the 45 we need. I'll be checking in my latest updates to the tracking spreadsheet shortly.


Almost every eligible voter who is closely tied to the spec itself has voted. My criterion here is "(the affiliations of) the people listed in our acknowledgments". By that reckoning, only Bluestream and Freescale haven't voted yet.


The keenest voter NOT on that list would be Adobe, who was the 3rd overall voter.


Kris is leading the pack in "votes made by assigned voters" with 7 of her contacts (plus herself) having voted so far.


Out of all the 40-some people who were assigned to me, there was exactly one whom I had not contacted yet in any way. But he voted. Bonus!



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