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Subject: Open Source Repository Proposal: RNG to DTD and XSD Transforms

Purpose Statement:

The repository manages the source code and supporting documentation for
the RELAX NG-to-DTD and RELAX NG-to-XSD (and any other RNG-to-X transforms
that might be developed, such as RELAX NG-to-EDD or RELAX
NG-to-Schematron) transforms developed originally for use by the DITA TC
in producing the DITA 1.3 DTDs and XSDs from the normative RELAX NG
versions of the DITA 1.3 grammar. The converter is intended to make it
easy for any DITA user to develop and maintain their own document type
shells, constraint modules, and vocabulary modules using RELAX NG, which
has proven to be much easier to use than DTD or XSD.

Initial Maintainers:

The project will be maintained initially by W. Eliot Kimber of Contrext,
LLC. Additional volunteers will be solicited to help ensure active
maintenance in the future.

Open Source License:

Propose use of the Apache 2.0 license for maximum consistency with the
DITA Open Toolkit and other open-source tools used by the DITA community.

GitHub Name:

Propose the name "dita-rng-converter" or similar. "dita-rng-converter" is
the name used for this code's current home in the DITA Community GitHub

Short Description:

OASIS Open Repository: The DITA RNG Converter provides cross-platform
tools for generating DITA-conforming DTD- and XSD-format versions of RELAX
NG DITA grammars: document type shells, vocabulary modules, and constraint
modules. It makes it as easy as possible to develop and maintain DITA
grammars by allowing use of RELAX NG syntax.

Initial Repository Content:

The current DITA RNG converter code is available from the
dita-rng-converter project on GitHub
(https://github.com/dita-community/dita-rng-converter). This code will
serve as the starting point for the OASIS Open Repository contents.

Eliot Kimber, Owner
Contrext, LLC

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