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Subject: Groups - DITA TC Meeting Minutes 12 January 2016 uploaded

Submitter's message
Minutes of the OASIS DITA TC
Tuesday, 12 January 2016
Recorded by Nancy Harrison
link to agenda for this meeting:

Regrets: Eric Sirois

Standing Business
Approve minutes from previous business meeting:
https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201601/msg00030.html (Nancy Harrison, for 5 January 2015)
Proposed by Kris, seconded by Tom, approved by TC

Subcommittee Reports


1. Action items
5 January 2015
Everyone review the DITA Adoption TC signup list at https://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita-adoption/SignUp
Eliot: Prepare material to initiate an open repository for the RNG-to-DTD-and-XSD tool [completed]
Kris: Post links to OASIS Web pages about open repositories (Completed)
Kris: Add open repositories to list of post-DITA 1.3 projects (Completed)

2. Updates on other TC items
Official announcement of DITA 1.3
https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201601/msg00026.html (Chet Ensign, 8 January 2016)
Official announcement of publication of "Why three editions of DITA 1.3"
https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201601/msg00031.html (Chet Ensign, 11 January 2016)
Kris; both announcements are up and on the web site
Tom; also, on the regular monthly OASIS announcement, we got front and center on that.

3. New item: Fwd: [chairs] 2016 Event Plans for your TC
https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201601/msg00032.html (Eberlein, 12 January 2016)
Kris; we have a suggestion/invitation from OASIS to publicize events. OASIS will promote any presentation related to a standard; so if you're doing something, let us know so OASIS can do this. also what about an interoperability showcase, moving project/data from one vendors app to another? in above mail, items 3-6 overlap. So, what are we doing in 2016? possibly doing an interop showcase at tcworld in Germany; goal would be to answer the question 'how do moving parts work in terms of interop'?
Keith; I've already passed that suggestion to my mgmt to do that for tcworld, we don't see why that wuouldn't be possible.
Kris; potential vendors would be Fisher, Ixiasoft, EasyDITA, other dircom vendors?
Keith; is Fisher a member of dircom or not?
Kris; no, they're not
Keith; in that case, they'd be a really good candidate, so if someone could contact them, that would be good
Joann; we know fisher
Kris; I've been talking to them about joinihng OASIS, so let's hold it a bit. Is anyone else interested?
Stan; this might be an opportunity to have one set of maps/source to move between; so a good opportunity for a test suite
Eliot; there is a set of docs ('thunderbird') managed by open repositories.
Stan; then we should bless this set of content, and make sure there are no errors.
Kris; I don't know if we want to bless a sample set; we have to be careful of that.
Stan; but people still see it as a weakness.
Eliot; the issue is that developing such a set is really resource development intensive
Kris; and it's not just development, but ongoing maintenance as well.
Joann; the bigger maintenance problem is the quality of OOTB style sheets (or lack thereof).
Kris; but as a TC we can't/don't create or maintain style sheets.
Joann; but in interop, it's a major issue.
Kris; but there are folks here that are DITA-OT contributors; do you folks have a interest in having the stylesheets upgraded?
Robert; if you want the stylesheets to be better, you need to work on the toolkit development team to change them.
Kris; if people are interested in better looking output, they can look at the committee note.
[discussion of toolkit output, and how it's not officially connected with OASIS at all. Robert; if you want changes in the toolkit, get involved with working on it.

4. New item: Time for a reflection on DITA 1.0-DITA 1.3
https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201601/msg00036.html (Eberlein, 12 January 2016)
Kris; a lot has changed since DITA was first created
Don; 2 major changes; 1) the move towards continuous integration and build, and 2) dynamic presentation of DITA content. Plus personalization of delivered content. we may need to make changes to accommodate those changes.
Kris; another thing is that we have very different constituaencies; we've definitely moved past tech comm.
Don; e.g. mktg, is that technology or subject?
Kris; and publishing...
Eliot; in publishing, we're not using continuous integration for books and magazines
Scott; more requirements from from software development teams; with agile methodology, we're seeing need to integrate our docs with their processes. Some competition with Markdown, HTML5, and other technologies.
Stan; we do continuous integration, but i'm not sure if it's really a best practice.
Scott; maybe an article on how best to integrat continuous integration w/DITA?
Chris; people want to use new technologies, with an easier learning curve.
Don; what about webhelp? (Mark Baker's 'every page is page one'?) We have massive re-education if we want folks to be able to move in that direction. The trend of the world is moving away from tri-form web pages, so we need to accommodate that.
Kris; don't know if you'd find consensus in TC around 'every page is page one'...
Don; But it's out there and a major trend; so it will require an answer from the TC.
Kris; it's really hard for me to get past that he published a book...
Don; so we should so aomwrhing better
Scott; Mark doesn't promote 'every page is page one' (eppo) for everything, ergo his book.
Kris; this is a good laundry list; anything else?
Don; and we need to continue to support our already existing community...

5. New item: Are there committee notes that the TC should consider publishing?
https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201601/msg00033.html (Eberlein, 12 January 2016)
https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201601/msg00034.html (Hackos, 12 January 2016)
https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201601/msg00038.html (Eberlein, 12 January 2016)
Kris; are there committee notes we should consider publishing? the suggestions come out of TC work and dita-users; e.g. configuration.
Joann; look at the Adoption TC list of white papers.
Kris; some things should come directly from the TC, not from the Adoption TC. I see a role for white papers from the Adoption TC, and committee notes coming from DITA TC; best content will come from interaction between both TCs.
Keith; if we're talking about existing dita.xml.org, there's a lot of content that is on there, but out of date, so we need to update material that already exists.
Kris; what about committee notes?
Don; I think the TC could contribute 'core' articles; To use a sports analogy, in sports, there are those who create the rules for sports, and there are sports writers who create the game plays. So the TC can create formal 'how-to' items, and Adoption TC can create specific instances.
Stan; wrt committee notes and what kind of content we want to put in them; I'm not sure our 'why 3 editions?' is a good example; it's really an addendum to the spec. so I can formulate a good example.
Kris; we need articles about what DITA is and how the pieces fit together.

6. DITA TC and open source GitHub projects
https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201601/msg00010.html (Eberlein, 5 January 2016)
https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201601/msg00011.html (Eberlein, 5 January 2016)
https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201601/msg00040.html (Kimber, 12 January 2016)
Eliot; i created the proposal; i'll be the official maintainer, it uses the same license as DITA. the project name is 'DITA-RNG-converter', which I put in a shortdesc. So I'd move the source from where it is on Github to this repository and retire the original github one.
Kris; comments, questions?
Eliot; I've delayed doing the final tweaks to making this work because it wasn't any point, but now that it's moved, it could be improved and finished.
Tom; I'm happy to help with testing on that.
Eliot; I'll let you know when I have something to test.
Kris; is anyone else working on the project?
Eliot; not really; some folks have used the code, but no other contributors.
Kris; who is using it? folks from Parsons in Germany?
Eliot; yes, they are using it.
Kris; let's hold off on formal approval until we know whether we're going to have more than this one, so we have a regular process.
[to be continued]

Kris; for next week, need to move into our conformance statements and OASIS's new guidelines on conforamnce.

11:48 ET Close

-- Ms. Nancy Harrison
Document Name: DITA TC Meeting Minutes 12 January 2016

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Submitter: Ms. Nancy Harrison
Group: OASIS Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) TC
Folder: Meeting Notes
Date submitted: 2016-01-19 04:24:29

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