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Subject: Small Omission in 1.3 DTD Catalogs

I discovered today that there is no catalog entry in the entity resolution
catalog for the topicDefn.ent file, which is referenced from the topic.mod

This is because there is no corresponding RNG module (it's simply not
needed, topicDefn.ent is a side effect of how entities work in DTDs and
really shouldn't have been done that way in the first place but it's the
way it's always been done so here we are).

This doesn't affect anyone just using the normal OASIS-provided shells and
won't affect most people creating custom shells or custom topic types.

I only noticed it because the D4P topic specializations refer to
topicDefn.ent directly, rather than letting topic.mod refer to it.

The fix is simply to add the required catalog entries to the catalog.xml
file in the dtd/base directory.

I still need to determine if there's even a reason for the D4P DTDs to be
set up this way--it's something I did a very long time ago and never


Eliot Kimber, Owner
Contrext, LLC

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