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dita message

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Subject: SVN Reorganization Complete

I have finished reorganizing the TC's SVN repository.

It now reflects normal SVN practice where you have three top-level
directories, trunk/, branches/, and tags/

The trunk/ directory then contains the versions under active development.

If you have an active working copy and do an update you'll see a bunch of
adds and deletes (if you see the SVN messages) and after a bit your
working copy should reflect those three directories. You should then be
able to use your SVN GUI to switch your working copy to the trunk/
directory, putting you back where you were before in terms of the files
you see at the top level of your working directory.

From the command line the operation is:

svn switch --ignore-ancestry ^/trunk

Which means "switch my working copy from what it is now to being rooted at
the "trunk" directory.

If you check out a fresh working copy, just check out the trunk/ directory
rather than the root of the SVN repository.

If you have uncommitted changes (which nobody should have at this point
except maybe Robert or Kris), it might be easier to check out a new
working copy, move your changed files over, and continue from there.



Eliot Kimber, Owner
Contrext, LLC

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