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Subject: Definition of Keyscope Name Rules

I think I was misremembering my original research. What I said in the
context of the DITA OT issue that brought all this up was:

"Since key scope names are used in key references they must have the same

I read through the parts of the spec that either mention or define key
scopes and could find no direct language but I thought I had. Maybe Chris
N. can find it.

In any case, since you can override a scope-qualified key with a normal
@keys value it must be the case that key scope names have the same lexical
rules as key names (including allowing periods, as crazy as that might

For example, this should be valid:

<topicref keyscope="foo.bar">
  <topicref keys="baz" .../>

Meaning that keyref="foo.bar.baz" is a reference to the key "baz" in the
scope "foo.bar".

But we could also have in a parent scope:

<topicref keys="foo.bar.baz" .../>

Which overrides the scope-qualified key name "foo.bar.baz" from the
descendant scope.

As far as the processing is defined, the result of constructing all the
key spaces is a set of key-name-to-resource bindings where each key name
reflects any applicable key scopes by simple string concatenation of the
key scope names to the base key names.

For the purpose of resolving key references you need to know what the key
scope *boundaries* are but you don't care what the key scope name is
because you are simply looking up the key name you have in the current
scope, which, by the processing rules, reflects all qualified and
unqualified keys in the current scope, per the rules for propagating key
definitions up and down the scope hierarchy.



Eliot Kimber, Owner
Contrext, LLC

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