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dita message

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Subject: Action items from today's call

Lots to do after today's DITA TC call:


Tom: Add "add more metadata for google analytics" to DITA 1.3 errata to-do list


Kris and Tom: finalize the content of promotional slips asking people to plug DITA 1.3 (and telling how to do it "properly")

Keith: look into IXIASOFT's ability to print the promo slips for DITA NA distribution

Kris: send message to dita-users mail list once we finish the content


Robert: Put item on DITA 1.3 errata page about clarifying the definition characters allowed in @keyscope. -- DONE

Kris: Add link to DITA 2.0 backlog to Wiki Front Page (so we can find it)

Kris: Add @keyscope characters issue to the 2.0 backlog




Tom Magliery

XML Technology Specialist

JustSystems Canada, Inc.


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