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Subject: Groups - DITA TC Meeting Minutes 12 July 2016 uploaded

Submitter's message
New Action Items Summary:
1. Folks to review revised content-model sections of the specification following Robert's cleanup. Tom will look at all-inclusive, Deb & Maria at tech-comm, Robert at base. There is some urgency to this item as Robert will soon be on vacation for two weeks.
2. Eliot to make two changes to mathmlDomainProxy.rng in the errata; one regarding public ID and another involving some refactoring. Take care to follow tracking procedures carefully (see Kris and Robert).
3. Eliot to add missing entries in base/catalog.xml.
4. Eliot to update the two learning map DTD and XSD to match the RNG files.
5. Robert to add item to the 1.3 errata wiki page regarding task/machinery task body constraints.

Minutes of the OASIS DITA TC
Tuesday, 28 June 2016
Recorded by Tom Magliery
link to agenda for this meeting:

Standing Business

Approve minutes from previous business meeting:
Motion to approve by Kris, seconded by Dick, approved by consensus

Subcommittee Reports

1. Action items:
7 June 2016: Michael: Post link to slide share of Webinar (sent to incomplete list, will do ASAP)
21 June 2016: Kris, Nancy, Bob: Meet about documenting errata items and errata builds (Bob and Kris will meet with Nancy soon)
All other action items completed.

2. Announcements:
Results of ballot for OASIS Board of Directors posted by Kris.

3. Continuing item: DITA 1.3 errata
Item to consider this week: testing the new content model topics.

Robert: This is mostly a sanity check -- look for strange stuff. Don't need to go through doctypes to check for full correctness. We're comfortable enough that they're accurate at that level. Issues for now are more like things appearing 2,3,4, or many times more than they should. E.g. formerly the content model for ditavalref said you could insert some element 5 times but it should only have appeared once. Best way to review is to scroll through the topics and see the "Contains" to see if the model looks valid based on what you know and the syntax used for those tables. Could bring up the published 1.3 spec in one window and the new topics in another window. Chris N. will send links to new Titania versions for people to read.
[ACTION] Tom will look at all-inclusive, Deb & Maria at tech-comm, Robert at base. There is some urgency to this item as Robert will soon be on vacation for two weeks.

4. Continuing item: More Catalog Errata: Public ID for RNG MathML Module
https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201606/msg00009.html (Kimber, 9 June 2016)
https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201606/msg00010.html (Kimber, 9 June 2016)
https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201606/msg00016.html (Kimber, 15 June 2016)

Eliot: There are two parts to this: 1. Add the public ID for mathmlDomainProxy.rng file, which never got one before. 2. Redefine the content of that module in a way that allows it to be used by any shell. As it's currently defined, for any new shell that reflects a specialized topic type that integrates MathML, you would need to update your own copy of mathmlDomainProxy.rng, obviously a bad thing. Worked out a way to define the proxy file in RNG so that's not required.
Kris: any questions/concerns with making these changes?
TC agrees that Eliot should move ahead with these changes
[ACTION] Eliot to make the changes in the errata.
Kris: We need to keep very fine track of any changes we make, whether it is to a spec topic, catalog file, grammar files, etc. Need to summarize the changes, original text vs. new text, etc. Keep in touch with me and Robert regarding how to track the changes.

5. New item: xml.xsd and ditaarch.xsd in catalog.xml for DITA 1.3
https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201607/msg00013.html (Frederik Geers, 7 July 2016)
Kris: Eric have you looked at this?
Eric: Saw there's two missing entries. They should be there.
Kris: Is this something we can handle as an errata?
Eric: Yes, I think so.
Kris: We just have some missing URI entries.
Eric: Xerces uses system IDs anyway; otherwise we'd be noticing issues.
Kris: Does anyone have concerns with these changes being made for these catalog files?
Eliot: No, these entries are simply missing.
Kris: Who should have action item for this? Eliot do you want to take it?
Eliot: happy to take it
[ACTION] Eliot to add missing entries in base/catalog.xml.

6. Continued item: Problem with learningObjectMap, learningGroupMap DTDs
https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201606/msg00066.html (Anderson, 29 June 2016)

Kris: Based on discussion last week, any suggestions as to what to do here?
Robert: I don't want to make the decision here. I don't use this doctype. Options previously mentioned are 1. leaving it as-is; 2. expanding the RNG so it matches DTD & XSD; 3. restricting DTD and XSD to match the RNG)
Kris: options 2 and 3 potentially are substantive changes
Kris: It may be better to break existing documents now than go ahead for 5 years with DTD and XSD incorrect.
Kris: The other option is to let things stand as they are, allowing DTD and XSD to stand as they are, but provide updated constraint modules for updated XSD shell so these shells could be used correctly
Robert: That might be the way to go IF we knew that RNG would be correct in 2.0
Eliot: use of a constraint in a shell is sort of optional; base content model is more open. Trying to remember what intent of constraint was.
Kris: The intent was to disallow topicheads.
Robert: It turns out turning off topicheads turns off any ability to reference individual topics
Eliot: The point of these map types was to be very narrow in their focus. There's no sense in which learnging group map and learning object map are general maps. These two designs came from the guys at SAP.
Robert: I thought that John Hunt thought that these might not be strictly necessary, but SAP wanted them.
Eliot: given current level of adoption, would not be worried about correcting the DTDs and XSDs
Bob: in favor of fixing the DTD because if we don't it remains an error.
Kris: Bob is speaking for my preference as well. These are not map types I understood, but for whatever reason we let them become part of the spec, and the RNG version is correct (normative) so we should fix the DTD/XSD to match.
[brief side debate about whether document type shells in the spec are normative]
Kris: We do have the issue that whatever changes we make for the errata have to be non-substantive. The real point in question here is what do we want to do regarding these two particular map types in DTD and XSD forms.
Eliot: RNG is normative; if DTDs and XSDs do not reflect that, then they are an error. It can't be considered a substantive change to correct the DTDs and XSDs to reflect that.
Kris: Similarly we cannot relax the RNG. So there are two choices: Fix the DTD/XSD, or let them stand as-is and conceivably update the DTD constraint module or XSD shell for users who want a more constrained content model
Eliot: It makes more sense just to fix them
Kris: Does anyone want to advocate an alternate position to fixing the DTD/XSD?
We have muted consensus to move ahead
Kris: This action will require an elaborate constraint on the DTD side
Robert: One issue I see is that per DTD rules it will reuqire two constraint modules. This brings up an oddity that in XSD/RNG it is a single domains token, but in DTD it will be two domains tokens.
Eliot: Conceptually it's only one, eliminiating these 4 things from the map group. It's just being manifested in 2 places
Robert: I think if following the coding rules these are two separate constraints, requires two tokens. It's weird but that's a topic for another day.
[ACTION] Eliot: Update the DTD and XSD to match the RNG files.
Kris: again please interact with Kris and Robert re: the errata change log. Note that this is the first change to catalogs and grammar files we've had in the 1.3 errata.

7. Continued item: Issues noticed with taskbody content model in various task types
https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201607/msg00005.html (1 July 2016)
https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201607/msg00007.html (3 July 2016)
https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201607/msg00008.html (3 July 2016)

Robert: There are not too many options here based on discussions had elsewhere
The machinery task was overlooked when implementing the troubleshooting task; machinery has a constraint that does not allow new elements, and was not updated to allow it.
Whether you consider constraints normative does not apply because we have normative text in the architectural spec that says in effect "we have this [troubleshooting] in task body".
For the errata we need to update the architectural spec to say that this stuff is allowed for task and general task
Kris: We need to leave machinery task as it stands although we could document an example updating the machine industry task body constraint to incorporate task troubleshooting. We could do that as an example topic or somehwere in the errata. But we can't actually modify the constraint itself.
The content model for general task and strict task shell are correct, they do permit task troubleshooting.
There are some spec topics specifically the tech comm types that do not mention troubleshooting, and these toipcs were not updated to mention them
Kris: Generally for 2.0 we want to reconsider whether we have conceptual topics that mention these things.
For the errata we want to update these toipcs to ensure that they mention them all
With appropriate constraints for stict task body
We cannot change the costraint for machienery task
We can say "the TC goofed here, we forgot to update this constraint".
Eliot: looking at the constraint, I'm not sure this constraint is wrong
Robert: it's a new task element
Robert: the only open question is whether we put an additional example of some sort in the spec
I'm skeptical that it would be found and used but this doesn't mean we shouldn't put it in
Kris: I did post on the dita-users list for how many people were using machinery task. [One person replied so far.]
Amber: I have clients that would like to use it but because prereqs is so restrictive, it doesn't work OOB for them. I have two clients that tried but couldn't. (Two points does not a data trend make.)
Robert: I heard from one more, does 3 make a trend?
Eliot: supplying a new constraint module would be the most approproate action
Kris: I think the best we can do is provide an example topic showing how to create such a constraint
Robert and Bob: [agreement that this is good enough]
Bob: We can't do more than that and be non-substantive
Kris: consensus: Update spec topics for task and general task
[ACTION] Robert to add this to the 1.3 errata page
Eliot: We could put something up on github
Kris: We do not have a generic OASIS github repository, we have repositories for two specific topics
Robert: We would need to have a designated owner according to OASIS procedures
Kris: Summary: action item for robert; also we should make a non-normative example topic for creating this machinery task body constraint that would match the strict task body constraint

8. Continued item: OASIS Jira for DITA TC use?
https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201605/msg00038.html (Scott Hudson, 24 May 2016)

Dick: An overview of JIRA review:

JIRA is an issue-tracker, also used (confused?) for project management to some degree. Several OASIS TCs use it including TOSCA and ODATA (can find pointers in Scott's email to the list). It allows you to classify issues by the type of issue (e.g. improvement, new feature, task of some kind; there is some flexibility in issue type), to assign versions (e.g. candidate release, major release) and to assign components (e.g. DITA could be assigned to L&T, base, etc.). You can create an issue, give it a status, give priority, give it an owner, track it as it goes along. Groups use it for tracking issues or requests for enhancements. E.g. out of this meeting we could have assigned the XSD stuff that Eliot took as an action; we could assign that as a task and track it that way. Some actually put public review comments in there (this might be overkill; hard to say). Some even talked about doing action items but I didn't see any like ours; we could track ours but not sure we'd want to. Can get an RSS feed. Can see it all publicly but can't write to it unless logged in (maybe would also need to be part of the TC).

It seems to be used primarily to track things like I just mentioned. E.g. you have discussion and TC decides to do something, it gets tracked in some status.

W.r.t. DITA it seems it could be useful possibly if we focused on things that were done in Trello.

In email from Scott there was discussion about Agile; I'm ignorant of Agile, so have no comment on its usefuleness for Agile.

Stan: how much admin support would be available from OASIS? Do TCs take the burden of administration for their repository?
Dick: It looked like they would be willing to help; OASIS have been using JIRA since 2010 at least. Setup appears not too difficult, boils down to selecting statuses you want (from a preselected narrow set), deciding on components, versions etc. Chet [Ensign] seems willing to help out. There may not be "formal" support.
Kris: I concur about the level of support. There are limits to what configuration can be done. OASIS provides a basic configuration for TCs, not the general level of configuration that you would have if setting up JIRA for your own company.
Kris: it comes down to whether it is more or less effort than existing processes
Dick: We would not use it for easy issues like "read this and report next week". We would use it for more weighty issues needing tracking week to week. Especially ones that need weekly comments.

Meeting adjourned 12:01pm ET, 9:01am PT.

-- Mr. Tom Magliery
Document Name: DITA TC Meeting Minutes 12 July 2016

DITA TC Meeting Minutes 28 June 2016
Download Latest Revision
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Submitter: Mr. Tom Magliery
Group: OASIS Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) TC
Folder: Meeting Notes
Date submitted: 2016-07-12 17:24:10

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