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Subject: Archiving DITA Help Subcommittee Assets

Hi --

I have reviewed the documents in the DITA Help SC repo (https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/dita-help/documents.php) and triaged them:
1. NO ACTION - All the most recent SC documents were related to UA features implemented in DITA 1.3, so there was no unique content in the DHSC repo that was not subsumed by the TC spec process. 
2. COPIED TO DITA Adoption Help repo - some sources and draft documents from 2009/2010 may be of use to the adoption half of the DITA Help group:
  a. DHTG v1.0 sources
  b. DHTG v1.0 PDF
  c. Tony Self - Intro to DITA
  d. Tony Self - sample Help domain 

I have no edits for SC pages:
1. Internal OASIS home page

2. Public OASIS home page


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