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Subject: Re: [dita] Frame of Reference for LW Dita Review

Hi, Jim.

It's great to get your attention here. I'll answer your questions here as best as I can.

Yes, LwDITA will go through TC processes:

  • Approval to go forward as a TC effort -- That's not a given. LwDITA has originally a DITA 1.3 proposal, but it only went through the first stage. So, we need to approve it as a TC goal.
  • Development of a LwDITA spec and grammar files
  • TC reviews using DITAweb
  • TC and OASIS release processes

(There is no way for subcommittee to "release" work; they are working groups for the TC.)

I'm not sure what your question -- "Will there be parallel activity in the sub-committee going forward" -- means, so I'm going to leave it alone.

There are several purposes for the committee note:

  • To raise awareness of LwDITA and its implications for the TC among TC members. Given your response, I think it's being successful.
  • To release some official information about LwDITA to the DITA community. That's not something that's been done so far, although SC members have done conference sessions and authored an article in Technical Communication (journal of STC).
  • To get SC members to clearly identify questions that need to be answered and areas that need work.
  • To get folks moving towards the activity of spec authoring :)

Timing -- My opinion is that it should be released before DITA 2.0. (Ideally, as soon as can be.)

Things that you -- and all TC members -- should do:

  • Consider whether the design of LwDITA is good.
  • Assess areas where the LwDITA design needs to change to align with DITA 1.3 or plans for DITA 2.0.
    • An example: An earlier design called for @outputclass being present on an element where it is not in DITA 1.3. I nixed that, saying bluntly that the TC had no plans for a DITA 1.4. (I stand by my usual statement that DITA 1.4 will be released only over my dead body.)
  • Keep LwDITA in mind as we design DITA 2.0.
    • For example, we'll have to have multimedia elements that align with what was released with LwDITA. Obviously then, this gives us a lot of interest in the design of the multimedia elements for LwDITA.

For you and other TC members that are implementers:

Yes, we absolutely need your assessment of ease of implementation. One of the goals of LwDITA is to make adoption easier for both content developers AND tools developers. Me, I'm hoping that it will lead to development of some new, inexpensive tooling for folks dipping new toes in the DITA swimming pool.


Kristen James Eberlein
Chair, OASIS DITA Technical Committee
Principal consultant, Eberlein Consulting
+1 919 682-2290; kriseberlein (skype)

On 12/22/2016 8:24 PM, Jim Tivy wrote:

Hi Folks


Light weight DITA looks pretty cool.  However, I am wondering what the frame of reference for reviewing it in the DITA TC is.


I realize some of these things have been stated but just want to be sure.


Is it correct to assume the LWDita spec will go through a TC review and TC release process.


Will there be parallel activity in the sub-committee going forward.


What is the timing for release of LWDita.  Is the first release going to be part of 2.0?


Is there – will there be - a LWDita draft Spec and what is the purpose (audience, objectives) of the committee note?


Going forward would it be fair to assume I should focus on:

1. As an implementer and tool vendor check if the LWDITA spec/notes are sufficient to implement. 

2. Comment on features and seek clarification where necessary.

3. Anything else?




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