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Subject: iiRDS and metadata

With regards to metadata and the DITA TC, it would be nice to have some sort of position paper on how DITA supports, interacts with, and relates to meta data in general – with reference to specifics.


The iiRDS spec is one such emerging standard with a proposed iiRDS core.  Dublin Core is another standard which DITA has support for.  As well, there are all the possibilities of subject scheme and embedded metadata.


iiRDS might be better served to adopt the terminology of OWL2 rather than RDFS – as the notations and meta model are more concise.


Currently in manufacturing industries there are other standards that require payment.  Perhaps iiRDs is to establish a free standard to replace RDSPP (below) – the use cases in manufacturing that were referenced are very similar.


Reference Designation System Power Plant (RDS-PP)





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