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Subject: Lightweight DITA: review of committee note and DTDs

Others have done a great job of identifying issues. Adding my observations on the Committee Note --

4.6 Modified footnote element

More detail needed. Also (recalling a recent SC discussion and Dr. Evia's current testing) ... does the DITA-OT correctly process the current LwDITA <fn> model? If not, we have a problem.

Appendix A.3 - DITA 1.3 attributes in LwDITA

This list is far from complete ... it's missing @href, @format, @keys, many others. I might consider breaking up the topic in some way. Possible divisions:

- attribute groups: localization, reuse, filters, reference-content, etc.

-"global" attributes (e.g., @outputclass, @class)

- element-specific attributes (e.g., @name and @value on data, @iframe on video).

I can take a stab at updating these topics if that would be helpful.


Alan Houser
Group Wellesley, Inc.
Consultant and Trainer, Technical Publishing
arh on Twitter

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