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Subject: DITA 2.0 Multimedia Domain Stage 2 proposal

At Kris’s request, I’ve created a DITA 2.0 Stage 2 proposal for the new ‘multimedia’ domain.




I started by looking at the HTML5 versions of these elements, and comparing them to the Lightweight DITA elements as well as the D4P multimedia domain. The proposed design doesn’t quite match the Lightweight DITA proposal in a number of regards.


  • I’ve used domain-specific element names for <source> (<media-source>), <track> (<media-track>), <controls> (<media-controls>), and <poster> (<video-poster>) to avoid prohibiting other uses of the generic element names in other contexts.
  • The <media-track> element is a little more involved than the LwDITA version. As I read about the HTML5 version of that element, I came to think that the LwDITA version is inadequate as currently proposed and either needs to be fixed or removed.
  • I’ve mostly stuck to the <param> specializations in LwDITA, but those omit a number of important configuration options in HTML5, like autoplay, buffered, muted, and others. I have notes in the proposal stating that we as a committee should talk about which of those to make explicit <param> specializations for. (LwDITA only specifies <controls>.)
  • The @iframe attribute from LwDITA is entirely absent, as it isn’t present in the official HTML5 version of the <video> element.



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