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Subject: Re: [dita] Improving variable content in 2.0

Hi Scott,

Elsewhere the spec suggests using the <linktext> element as a best practice "for cases where all elements getting text from a key definition should result in the same value":

I just tried it quickly and it appears to be legal per the DTDs and also work fine in the DITA-OT!

Here’s my map:

<title>DITA Topic Map</title>
<keydef keys="SomeKey">
<linktext>Some text string</linktext>
<topicref href="TestReferencingLinktextFromWintitle.dita"/>

And here’s the topic:

<concept id="topic">
<title>Test referencing linktext from wintitle</title>
<p>Wintitle follows: <wintitle keyref="SomeKey"/></p>

Is that helpful at all?

Best regards,

On Jul 10, 2017, at 17:10, Scott Hudson <scott.hudson@jeppesen.com> wrote:

The current method for creating content variables is to use a keyword construct. (https://docs.oasis-open.org/dita/dita/v1.3/os/part1-base/archSpec/base/example-key-definition-for-variable-text.html )
For example:
  <keydef keys="productname">
        <keyword audience="GA">ProductA</keyword>        
        <keyword audience="BA">ProductB</keyword>
        <keyword audience="CA">ProductC</keyword>
Unfortunately, keyword is not allowed in many content models, so you cannot use variables in many cases. Here's an example use case:
We have product names that are stored as variables (in case Marketing changes the name during development and due to product variants), which we express in DITA using <keyword> keys. Several of our user interfaces use the product name as part of the interface area, which should be tagged with wintitle.
Right now, we have no way of marking the following:
On the <wintitle><keyword keyref="productname"/> Server Administration</wintitle> window, click <uicontrol>Manage</uicontrol>.
Unfortunately, the current model for <keydef> doesn't let you define variable content using ph or text elements, and the <wintitle> model, only (text data | <text>)* is allowed. 
For DITA 2.0, I'd like to propose a more globally applicable method for including variable content, perhaps based on <ph> or <text>.
Thanks and best regards,
Scott Hudson
Content Strategist
Digital Aviation Learning & Development 
Voting member:
Boeing Data Standards Technical Advisory Board
OASIS DocBook TC, Publishers SC (Chair)
OASIS DITA TC, Tech Comm SC, LW DITA SC, Learning Content SC (Secretary)
OASIS Augmented Reality in Information Products (ARIP) TC
Jeppesen  |  Digital Aviation  |  Boeing
extension: 556228 | phone: 303.328.6228 | mobile: 303.350.7934
Jeppesen email: scott.hudson@jeppesen.com 
55 Inverness Drive East 
Englewood, CO 80112 | www.jeppesen.com
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