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Subject: Image element missing @format / suggestion or reminder for 2.0

This is an odd one.

I had an image element that referenced an external image. For example:
<image href="">http://example.com/myVacationPic.jpg" scope="external"/>

A schematron rule in my editor said "Hey, you've got an external link, you should really set @format". That warning is good and proper on most linking elements. So I tried to add @format, and realized it isn't there.

I thought that in 1.3 we'd managed to hit everything with @href, and ensure it had both @scope and @format. Apparently, that's not the case for images. The spec text and the grammar files both indicate it's not valid:

So, I'd like to suggest:
1. That we add @format here because the image is a type of link, and it's often useful to specify the format attribute on any link
2. That we make a point for 2.0 to verify that the href / scope / format "linking" attributes always travel together. I thought we'd done this with 1.3 but turns out we only almost did it. (I have not gone through to look for other exceptions, so there may be more, but I know we explicitly made this update on most linking elements.)


Robert D. Anderson
DITA-OT lead and Co-editor DITA 1.3 specification,
Digital Services Group

E-mail: robander@us.ibm.com
Digital Services Group
11501 BURNET RD,, TX, 78758-3400, AUSTIN, USA

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