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Subject: Meeting cancelled for today

I have a family emergency.


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On Nov 20, 2017, at 5:29 PM, Margaret Boos <Margaret.Boos@PACCAR.com> wrote:

I uploaded files with changes I made to match Excel files.  My files have MB in file name and I kept the original so you can review the differences.  The zip file is called faultDiagnostics-kje-revision-2(mb changes).zip.


Some changes were to change xref to confref and use the <calibrationLabelValue> and <calibrationLabelUnit> elements.


Some had items in MalfunctionGroup that belonged in the MalfunctionGroup previous. 


I also aligned symbols with values.  Some symbols (e.g. =, >=, etc.) had <p> around them so they did not align with the associated value as they do in the Excel file.


I did not comment the files.  We can review together if you want.  I think if you look in author view between the two files, you will see the differences.


From: Kristen James Eberlein [mailto:kris@eberleinconsulting.com]
Sent: Monday, November 20, 2017 11:55 AM
To: Margaret Boos
Subject: Revised faultDiagnostic topics


Uploaded to Box in the DITA Samples folder:


I reworked the following topics in the faultDiagnostics.ditamap:

  • faultDiagnostics_CCVCD_PRESS_PLAUS_KO_TEST.dita
  • faultDiagnostics_CRANK.dita
  • faultDiagnostics_Pedal_1_DC_RNG_HI_test.dita

Here are the changes that I made:

  • Made tables match the Excel files
  • In the <malfunctionGroup> and <secondaryParameterGroup>, changed <xref> in the Threshold value and Enable condition cells to conrefs to <calibrationLabelValue> and <calibrationLabelUnit.

In order to make the reworked topics valid, I also updated the DTD plug-in, which I'll mail out shortly.


Kristen James Eberlein
Chair, OASIS DITA Technical Committee
Principal consultant, Eberlein Consulting
+1 919 682-2290; kriseberlein (skype)

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